Our studios are more than just four walls and a roof, they are a sanctuary for creativity to flow, a heaven for inspiration.

Wheter you are seasoned professional or an up-and-coming talent, you’ll feel right at home in our serene and inviting space, where positive energy and good vibes abound.

Our set construction

Custom set design and construction for any production

Expertise in wood, metal, foam and plastic material

In-house fabrication capabilities: welding, carpentry, CNC machining and more…

Sets of all sizes: small to large-scale productions

Realistic, detailed, fantastical or abstract designs

Integration of lighting, sound and special effects

Collaboration with clients and creative teams

Timely, cost-effective solutions

Book now and come to experience the magic of our studios for yourself.

Our studio has the expertise, creativity, and resources to bring any set design to life, no matter how complex or ambitious it may be.


Based in Valencia, Spain

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